Nica Ware

Art, horses, and exploring are the roots beneath me, grounding me in my path, yet flexible, allowing me to expand as far as I wish.


My goal is to share the visions for the world I hope to see: a human race that love themselves and others, that love and treat animals fairly, and who love the land they live on.

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Traveling has opened my mind and heart to different perspectives, cultures, and constant gratitude for my life. I have traveled with just a backpack to 27 countries, to say that it has influenced my life is an understatement. Exploring this beautiful world and meeting people from different walks of life is absolutely priceless.


My love for horses was a flame lit as a small child. Growing up I never had horses consistently around me, but eventually began to work on different ranches and farms. I have met hundreds of horses around the world who have taught me so much on this long, turbulent, and never ending journey with horses. I am still patiently waiting the day my forever horse walks into my life.


Art is an intrinsic component in my life since I was very young, using my hands and colors to express the wild, vivid images that would flow through my imagination. It’s something that I’m tapping into again: the childlike innocence intertwined with my expanded, open mind. Allowing so much energy and feeling to channel through to my work, sometimes it truly does not feel like my own thoughts, but rather, I am the vessel for the creative output.  



Just as my life, my art is often a surprise, an intuitive flow unobstructed by overthinking or doubt. I work swiftly as to not disrupt the nature of the flow, and I hardly ever go back to a piece or scrutinize, I just let it be what it is and move on to the next. To say that I’m not a perfectionist would be the start of it, but to say that I love imperfection and spontaneity may be more accurate.



Over the years I have struggled to develop a “style” because I enjoyed dabbling in a variety of mediums, subjects, and approaches, I spent a while experimenting. Now, I have settled into a style that feels versatile and comfortable but I’m always growing, I will never confine myself to remain static because it pleases other people. My art is an ever evolving journey and I am thankful that you’re curious enough about my work to be reading this right now.