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Business Branding

A logo is the first thing perceived about a business, one should be able to feel the essence at a glance through this artistic representation of your business. 


I want to help make your dream become a reality! 

Have a peek through a few of my past creations for various equine businesses.
My unique perspective on alternative methods in the equine world lends me an insight into the language, the essence, and the heart of your business.


Although horses are my main focus, I am open to other businesses that involve nature, animals, alternative healing modalities etc. 

If you're unsure if I'll accept your logo if it's outside of these themes, please send me an email before booking your call.

Business Branding, 
& Beyond

Many people often find that they have a vision or a seed of an idea for their logo but cannot physically create it or find it hard to explain to someone.

Some have no clue what they need and want all the help they can get!

If you fit in either of those categories or on a sliding scale somewhere in between, I've got you covered. 


I attended the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire and graduated in 2015 with a Bachelors in Graphic Design; I studied how to create "marketable, corporate" logos. I understand the concepts of design and how to reach the psyche of the masses, but that's not the way I approach this process. Those are the fundamentals and the structure beneath the balance and harmony of my work, but I want to produce a work of art, something stunning that captures the spirit of your business in simple lines. 


I focus on the heart, the soul, the essence of whoever I'm creating for, and hopefully that's why you're reading this right now. 

When we speak on our intital call, we'll get to know where you're at with your business–have you just planted seeds? Are you at the budding stage? or maybe you've flourished but outgrown your last logo. Wherever you're at, I'll meet you there. 

If you have a concept but haven't nailed down a name, we can brainstorm together in a Creative Clarity Call, if you have a name but don't know what kind of logo you want, we'll figure it out! I have different offerings depending on what stage you are at.


**I have the right to politely decline working on your logo if I do not feel I am a good match, if it doesn't seem to be in my style or realm of what I work in. I could potentially steer you in the direction of a designer who could help you.** 



Elemental Logo Design

This the basic logo package, if you are ready to have a visual representation of your business, ethos, and mission. 


+ 45 min brainstorming call 

+ 3-5 initial sketches

+ Monochromatic Logo Design (black, white, one extra color if desired)

+Typography for business name (no extra elements, just type)

Brand Alchemy

This is for a business that is ready to be fully branded– if you're trying to design a stunning website or social media presence, keeping your brand consistent is key! 


+ 45 min brainstorming call 

+ 5-7 initial sketches

+ Logo Design with color

+Typography for business name

+ Brand Color Palette

+ Logo Variations/Visual Elements
+ Business Card Design 

+ Visual Style Guide 

Creative Clarity Call

This is a 60 minute zoom call focusing on your vision! Maybe it's your business name, maybe just about big ideas in general that you would like some creative input on. This is an organic session between you and I where we brainstorm and bounce ideas around. This is great if you're not quite clear on what direction you're heading.

$55 USD

Merchandise Designs

*This is NOT a logo design* 

If you're looking for a design for resale (merchandise), like apparel, stickers etc. we can work on an inspiring design together! 
The significant difference is the creative liberty I have in the process, there is less of a back and forth communication between us unlike the logo design. 

PLEASE continue reading if this is something you're looking for.

Soul Space Style Guide-01.jpg

Elemental Logo Design

Your logo is essential for making a visual impact on potential clients, to share within an image what you believe in, elements of your business and the essence of what you do. For many entrepreneurs, your business is a part of you, so how do you want to be seen? 


+ 45 min brainstorming call 

+ 3-5 initial sketches

+ Monochromatic Logo Design (black, white, one extra color if desired)

+Typography for business name (no extra design elements, just type)


$575 USD (Deposit $125 + $450 payment) 

$595 USD (Deposit $125 + 2 payments of $235)

*The first payment will be sent in order to share the sketches, the last payment will need to be sent to receive your final files

The Process: 

1. Book your initial call

This requires a payment of $125 USD as a deposit (please contact first if you're unsure if your business fits in the realm of what I focus on, this is a partially refundable deposit if I decline) 

On this call, we will chat about your overall vision, your inspiration, ethos, and any details that will provide me with a good feel for your business. If you have specific ideas, images, etc that you want me to work with we will talk about it then! 

2. Initial Sketches 

I will sketch up a draft of 3-5 possible variations of your logo design, I try to work with a few very different concepts to point in possible directions, unless you have a specific vision.

*In order to receive the sketches, the first payment must be made

3. Feedback and Alterations 

Once I send the sketches, you will then share with me what resonated with you via email, you can mix and match any of the ideas I have come up with and any other suggestions. I will then do another round of a few variations of sketches honing in on the idea and cleaning it up.


This is also when I will work with the typography for your business name. 

(I will provide you a few different fonts I think will suit your design, unless you already have on in mind)

You'll share one more time via email which direction you'd like me to continue and I will clean it up as much as possible getting close to our final destination!  

4. The Details - Zoom Call 

The back and forth process can be tedious when we're getting down to the details, so if we haven't nailed it yet (which is pretty likely, as there are a lot of specific details many people don't realize will come up!), we will get on a zoom call where I will share my screen with your design and we will work on it to get it to its final stage! 


5. Final Files 

Your logo files will be sent to you in a google drive folder (or another sharing system, if not, simply by email). 

*In order to receive your files, your final payment must be sent

-PNG, JPG, .ai files of each 

-Black, White, One Color with and without your business name attached 

-Business Name on its own for headers etc

Add Ons

There will be additional charges if you would like more colors in the logo, color palette, logo variations, visual elements (like secondary supporting logo, small icons for social media etc) – most of this is included in the Brand Alchemy package and may benefit you to look into that one! But we can talk about this in our initial call to see what is right for you.


Westward Horsemanship Style Guide_Style Guide.jpg

Brand Alchemy

Your logo is essential for making a visual impact on potential clients, to share within an image w