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Sun/Moon Portrait


Moon light.png
Sun light.png

What is a Sun/Moon Portrait?

This simple portrait is mostly focused on the image(s) you give me and whichever you resonate with more: Sun or Moon, your choice. 

What does the process look like?

I love to hear the story behind your relationship to your animal(s), your connection, what inspires you. If you have a quote or phrase included, whether you have one or you would like me to intuitively add one, please let me know. 

I take a lot of personal consideration of these and I want them to resonate with you, therefore, I really try to tune in and capture something beautiful and meaningful to you. When I get into the flow state with these drawings, I work very intuitively, hardly laying down a plan ahead of time, and allowing whatever needs to flow though.


Sometimes I receive "messages" or little nudges to change or add something I wasn't expecting, and I just listen to them now and accept that's part of my process. This is why each piece is so individual and unique. ​I don’t normally question what I create, when it feels done, it’s done. You are more than welcome to make small changes afterwards if you are looking to change tiny details. 



I would be honored if you decide to go ahead and allow me to create a piece for you.

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