Digital Commissions

Something I absolutely love doing is creating a piece of art that represents your furry friend! With these digital pieces I really rely on my creative flow and usually these pieces bring themselves together. I will happily take any specific requests or ideas, but I also love the "go ahead" for my own artistic input! 

I take a lot of personal consideration of these and I want them to resonate with you. I really try to tune in and capture something beautiful that is meaningful to you. 

When I get into the flow state with these drawings, I intuitively work, I hardly lay down a plan ahead of time, and I let whatever comes to me just happen. Sometimes I receive "messages" or little nudges to change or add something I wasn't expecting, and I just listen to them now and accept that's part of my process. 

This is why each piece is so individual and unique. 
-An artistic creation of your animal in a PDF file format (that way you can go get it printed wherever, however, on whatever you like!) 


-Send me an email with your inquiry 
- will need to have 1 to 3 pictures of the animal(s) 
-Any specifics you're looking for (phrases, names, specific elements like preferred landscapes) 
-I love hearing a little background story about you and your animal :) 

I've had to separate these two groups because I like doing both, but they differ in the amount of time that I put in, so my prices should vary with that. 

So when you contact me, please let me know which category you would like.


This "simple" portrait, still has details and creativity, but it is more focused on the image you give me and also focuses more on the animal/person with a simplified background. 

1 or 2 subjects = $55 (USD)
Extra subjects= +$10 each 


The "landscape/creative" option goes a bit more in depth in terms of backgrounds and landscapes, I can put a little more detail and imagination into this one, piecing together different images/elements. 

1 or 2 subjects = $70 (USD)
Extra subjects= +$10 each 

I accept Venmo & Paypal 


"Simple" Examples:

"Landscape/Creative" Examples:


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