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Creative Spirit Journey 

I want to take a journey with you,

To help you see, 

That you have the power

To live creatively 

Who is Your Creative Spirit?

Your creative spirit lives within you, she has always been with you whether you know it or not.

She deserves to be integrated into your daily life, she is joy, she is innocence, she is wisdom, she is inspiration. 


Often times, when we are creating, we feel a pressure for the outcome and fear judgment; We then hinder our own capabilities to connect with our creative spirit because we use the blade of limiting beliefs and severe the cords of flow. 

When you release yourself from these kinds of thoughts, you are allowing yourself to soar into unknown territories; guided by the illumination of your creative spirit, she will take your hand and fly you away. 


Where Will This Journey Take You?

Join me on a journey to unlocking and freeing your creative spirit, harnessing the power emitted from living a creative and fulfilling life. 


Together, we will explore what/where needs to be let go, removed, integrated, etc. in your life and different creative avenues of reaching your goals.


I’m not offering a life-changing course, promising you an imaginary number attributed to success, and I’m not going to do the work for you.



I am NOT a “life-coach”, a mentor, or a spiritual guide.
I am a creative human exploring what it means to be alive and I want to help inspire you in whatever way you need. 


Simply, I want to be a bridge for you to access your own Creative Spirit who dwells within you, waiting to be released, reignited, and rebirthed.


She is ready, and so are you! 


If you’re feeling stuck, “not creative,” wanting help to release your perfectionism, or simply that you want to have these drawings done for you and for us to become friends… then keep reading.




At my core, I believe that everyone is creative in some capacity; it just looks different in the output to each individual. 


There is creativity in just being. 

There is an art to looking at the world through different lenses, tapping into the innocence of our inner child and simultaneously the wisdom of our wise, creative spirit. 


The world is crazy place, it’s always been, but right now more than ever, we need more creative, alive, sovereign, authentic beings to be walking this earth! 



This journey is similar and different to The Whole-Self Portrait that I offer, in that, I will be using my art to allow you to see parts of you that you may not be able to and empowering you to break patterns and step into the most authentic version of yourself. 


This is different however, in that, instead of you answering in depth questions via email and then 1 call, we will have 4 calls together over the course of however long you need and you get 2 drawings.


After our first initial call, I will gather all that we spoke about (we’ll go with the flow and see what needs to be brought to the surface!), and create a personalized line drawing with your energy, your essence, symbols or animals that you need right now as you embark on the next phase of your being. 


You will receive that drawing and use it as a guiding light for yourself as you grow and create over the next coming months and you’ll receive a postcard so you have a tangible image to look at everyday. 


After each call, I will curate a bit of “homework” for you to complete by our next chat. I don’t think very structurally or linearly, so what comes up for you may be kind of abstract… just go with it. 


You have a full year to complete all 4 calls, growth is a process and I want to honor that and not constrain to too tightly. This is going to look however it looks to YOU! 

Maybe we have 4 calls in one month, maybe 1 call per month, no schedule, I want you to learn to truly listen to your own nudges and follow the flow. I want to inspire you to break down limiting beliefs and time is one of those things. 

Also, maybe you need MORE calls with me and go even deeper, we can make that work too! I want this to be what YOU need it to be. 


After our last call, I will take in where you are energetically at now, how you’ve grown, and create another drawing for you.


I don’t know how it will differ, just as I don’t know how different you will be by the end of our time together.


Release expectations. 

What Can You Gain From This?

If you’re feeling called to work with me in some capacity and receive some personalized art, or if you’re feeling stuck in some aspect of your life, or just need an inspirational motivation, then come on in!


I’ll be your honest, down to earth, biggest fan! 

I hope that by the end of our time together, you feel motivated in some creative way, you feel liberated, invigorated with life; empowered, emboldened, alive.


I hope that you create some lasting shifts in your life that make space for your creative spirit to shine through, for you to let go of unnecessary perfectionism or heavy expectations.

Not only that, but you’ll have two personalized drawings just for you, so that in itself is pretty cool. 

Each of our calls, and all of the “homework” I give you will hopefully enrich your days and inspire you in new ways.

If you feel that little nudge from your intuition saying, “Go for it,” then great, if not, I’m proud of you for listening to yourself! You’ll know if this is for you or not. Trust yourself; that’s the first step of this journey. 

The Process...

- Once you purchase (in the shop), you can schedule your first call on my booking page


- After the first call, you will receive your first drawing and some "homework" 

-a postcard will be sent of your drawing to be an inspiration

- schedule 3 more calls over the next 12 months 

- Once we have our final call, you will receive your final image

- 8x10" print will be sent to you after our time together

What Will You Receive?

-2 Personalized line drawings at the start and end of the journey (Like a before and after!)


-4 zoom calls over a 12-month period 


- a postcard of your first image

- 8x10" print

- Time lapse of each drawing 


-Curated “homework” for in between calls

- Access to get periodic feedback or ask questions or share via email or Whatsapp 


-Inspiration and motivation to live a more creative life!

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