Business Branding

A logo is the first thing perceived about a business, one should be able to feel the essence at a glance through this artistic representation of your business. 


I want to help make your dream become a reality! 

Basic Logo Package

$450 USD

Consult Call

In order to make sure I can produce a logo you'll love, we'll set up an initial call and talk about what you're looking for, about your business and ideas and more.

Custom Logo

I will provide an array of sketches for you to feel into, once we've landed on "the one" (either via email or call) I will finalize, text and color if needed.

Style Guide

& Business Cards 

I will also put together a "style guide" with alternate logos, colors, text, etc as well as create a business card design

Business Branding, 
& Beyond

Many people often find that they have a vision or an seed of an idea for their logo but cannot physically create it or find it hard to explain to someone.

Some have no clue what they need and want all the help they can get!


If you fit in either of those categories or on a sliding scale somewhere in between, I've got you covered. 


Yes, I went to school for graphic design where I studied how to create "marketable, corporate" logos. I understand the concepts of design and how to reach the psyche of the masses, but that's not my approach in the art I do these days.


Those are the fundamentals and the structure beneath the balance and harmony of my work, but I want to produce a work of art, something stunning that captures the spirit of your business in simple lines. 


I focus on the heart, the soul, the essence of whoever I'm creating for. Whether that is a portrait or a logo. I feel into what needs to come through and I hope that the reason you're reading this is because of that. 

I want you to LOVE your logo, I will work with you until we get it right. 

When we speak on our consult call, we'll get to know where you're at with your business, have you just planted seeds, are you at the budding stage, or maybe you've flourished but outgrown your last logo. Wherever you're at, I'll meet you there. 

If you have a concept but haven't nailed down a name, we can brainstorm together, if you don't know what kind of logo you want, we'll figure it out! 

I'm along for the ride with you! 



**I have the right to politely decline working on your logo if I do not feel I am a good match, if it doesn't seem to be in my style or realm of what I work in. I could potentially steer you in the direction of a designer who could help you.** 


The Basic Logo Package is for those who have a business, a name, and are ready for the branding stage. Any other additions, I will give you a quote either via phone or email during or after our chat. 


Additional Inclusions (to be quoted during or after our call)

-Business brainstorming, if you need more than just a logo, if you need a name or more substance to your "brand"

-Social media imagery (we can talk more about it during our call) 

-Website or social media write ups (I can be good with words or even help you flesh something out you've already got on the go) 

-Any other ideas or needs let me know! 





1. Book your consultation call, after our call I will request a $125 USD deposit in moving forward

(Additional payments can be worked out monthly or all at once, $5 will be added on to each monthly payment for service fees) 


2. I work very organically and like to offer different elements and design option sketches that I will share with you. This can either be done via back and forth email or via zoom so we can chat quickly about what you like, dislike, would like to see changed, we'll talk about fonts and colors and more!  


3. A final design will be created and confirmed, business cards will be designed and you'll recieve a "Style Guide" filled with alternate logos (meaning with and without text, possibly on different colored backgrounds etc), color palettes, text options

If you have read through all of this and are ready to book your consultation call... head to my Booking page! Can't wait to go on this journey with you!