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I deeply believe that we all have creativity within us, whether we've unlocked it or not; I also believe that we need to dedicate time to being present, relaxing, and having fun.

So grab your free coloring pages here! 



I am going to be doing a few different things in 2022, and one of those things is an email list! Let me be clear- I do NOT want to spam you or bombard you with useless things.

This will be mostly geared toward Early Access information, TATTOO design updates, Waitlist info (for Whole-Self Portraits and Commissions), Little Personal Life Updates (not shared on instagram), Coupon codes, and upcoming projects.

I will also give freebies like coloring pages and who knows what else! 

That being said, you can absolutely opt out after you grab your coloring pages, OR you could stick around a while ;) 

Whole-Self Portrait Waitlist 

If you're here to be put on the waitlist for 2022 Whole-Self Portraits, all you need to do is let me know in the box below!

I have an ongoing list of names of those who have looked over what a Whole-Self Portrait is, are super interested and have looked at the price/payment plan options
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- Once your name is added to the list, I will email with you where you are in the queue and estimated timeframe 

- Please note that these take a while, but sometimes I get to them quicker or slower, but average time of completion is 3-6 weeks 

If you would like to go on this journey with me, I'm so honored and cannot wait to meet you!

Thanks for being here ! 


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