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The Horse Conscious Movement

More than just a directory, it's a movement.

It takes a special, dedicated community to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripple for change. Separately, we are creating pieces to the puzzle but together, we can manifest the image of a new beginning, a new era on how we view and work with horses.

Together, we want to give our horses choices, voices, a chance to be heard; developing and evolving ourselves so that we can be the best for our equine partners.

We are creating an
online directory of resources that empowers and validates the spirit of like minded people—  encouraging business, philosophies, and other excursions that are heading down this path. 


But this is more than a directory. It’s a movement. 


This platform will facilitate accessibility to this leaderless community; because we are ALL leaders when we are advocating for the horse.

Ditching dominance & embracing ethical empowerment.

This community would allow accessible resources to reach around the world, giving us a space to have our voices be heard and in turn, our horses.

From holistic equine care, educational courses, to ethical horse products, even rescues or equine facilitated learning centers, we want to cover and include different people, businesses, approaches, and philosophies that are a
collective voice for horses and spiritual growth. 


And within this, we want people to be able to find and connect with services in their own locations! Our vision is for this directory to be worldwide yet local, so that everyone has a chance to find what aligns with them!

But in order to do all of this, we need people like you, that already are a pebble in this pond. If you feel calling in being a building block in the foundation of a better tomorrow for horses, and this idea of a movement resonates with you,
please fill out an application form to join this directory for FREE.  

We want to make this process as EASY & ACCESSIBLE as possible. Our goal is for people to be able to access inspirational resources like yourself, and be able to connect freely! Therefore, we are making this resource directory FREE to join.


In the future, we will be placing a "paid service" portion that will allow outside patrons to choose who and how they receive additional information, art, or inspirational material. Which we will provide further information as this piece begins to evolve organically.

Our overall model is to improve the horse world, not aimed at revenue or status.


Through our resource network, you and your business/message will reach worldwide, with the hope that it can give those who desperately need the validation to shift their perspective and the courage backed by bountiful resources to do so!

The Horse Conscious Movement 


We realize that there are WAY MORE categories than these, but these are just some that came to mind. We want to encourage anything going in these directions :) 


Holistic Horse Care


  • Nutrition/Diet

    • Herbalism

    • Nutritionist 

  • Holistic Veterinary Care

  • Hoof Care

  • Body/Energy Work

    • Massage

    • Chiropractic

    • Acupuncture

    • Acupressure

    • Cranio sacral 

    • Masterson Method

    • Reiki

    • Any energy work ETC!!

    • Kinesiology


  • Animal Communication 

  • Enrichment 

  • Saddle Fitting/Tack Consultation


**(We know there are already loads of directories out there for these types of things, so we want there to be an "equine aspect" added to them if possible)


  • Mind Body Soul-Personal Growth (+ Horses)

    • Yoga

    • Tai Chi 

    • Meditation

    • “Medicine herd”

  • Energy Work 

  • Retreats/Workshops 



**(We understand that this may get muddy, but we just want to stress that this is NOT about dominance)


  • Science-based learning theories- What is it?

  • Positive Reinforcement 

  • Liberty

  • Movement 




  • Podcasts

  • Books 

  • Videos/Blogs

  • Courses 

  • Social Media “must follow” accounts



  • Ethical Tack

    • Includes well made/custom/fit saddles 

    • Hand made 

    • Ethically sourced

    • Innovative

  • Food/Treats

    • Organic or “healthy” feed

    • Treats (also for R+)

  • Horse Care products

    • Brushes etc

    • Shampoo/conditioner

    • Anything really as long as it is either ethically sourced/sustainable organic/ in that realm of things

  • People Products

    • Random things you may use around horses

    • Phone holder on leg for riding

    • Saddle bags


  • Rescues

  • Rescue + Rehab Facilities

  • Senior facilities 

  • Mustang Rescues specific 

  • OTTB specific 



  • Equine Facilitated Therapies

  • Youth programs

  • Vet Programs 



  • Existing “communities” & Groups (so people can find what they are drawn to and who calls to them)

  • Our own Community



**Please fill out ARTISTS APPLICATION form**

  • 2D 

  • 3D 

  • Photography (of horses specifically, or portraits of horses and people)

  • Equine themed crafts/jewelry

  • Videographers


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

**ARTISTS please continue to the next registration form below.

Artist Registration

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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