Business & Branding Artwork

So you have a grand idea for your business? 

Logos & company brands are an extremely important aspect in a business... arguably one of the MOSt important (alongside concept and products). 

For this reason, I am very specific and picky with who I will work alongside with on a project like this. If I genuinely don't think that I can produce something that you are looking for, I will decline to save us both some hassle!

If your business is willing to accept an organic, nature/animal related, flowing logo, then let's chat! 

The "branding" category considers things like:


-Branding (Podcast covers, Album artwork, etc)

-Design work that you are going to resell (such as apparel, stickers, etc)

Wholesale Items: 


-Please contact me with any wholesale inquiries, at this point I don't have a large enough inventory, any wholesale options will be made to order essentially


-$125 for 3 to 5 sketched concepts + 1 color concept + 3 reworks 

-$10 for every additional rework 

I will take your basic ideas and digitally sketch up 3 to 5 different concept ideas (could be completely different or relatively similar depending on how broad/specific your ideas are). 

Once you decided on a concept you are drawn to most, I will do a color concept of the chosen one. 

After that, we can chat about the changes you'd like to see, I will make those changes, and if it's still not right, we can chat again and I will try to nail down what you're looking for. If it's still not exactly right, it will be $10 for every additional time we rework it.

*This rework policy is because I have worked on logos in the past where we change and nitpick at things many times over and in turn the price never changes yet I have worked a significantly longer time on the project. Thanks for understanding


An example of 3 logo sketches to get an idea of which direction we go 

(see first image in slide for final result)

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