Condor & Eagle

This was painted for some special people we lived with on a jungle farm in Ecuador. She was from America (eagle) and he was from South America (Condor) and their love merged two different worlds.

Zendo Mural

A collaboration with my boyfriend of our Avacado friend promoting healthy eating, Zendo. We created a vegetarian cookbook for travelers and he is our unsaid spokesman for it!

Dreams Beneath the Sun

This was my first attempt at making a whimsical sketchbook drawing into a large-scale painting! *Available in Prints*


Versatile painting, "Earth" can be read from either direction, so you decide which way is "up"! *Available in Prints*

Into the Unknown

This dreamy drawing was created while I was on a peaceful island in Nicaragua, a very inspiring time in my life! *Available in Prints*

Hummingbird Mural

Painted in a guesthouse in Quepos, Costa Rica!

Nature Mural

A collaboration done with my boyfriend, Chrisy Quinn, in Costa Rica. I worked on the left and center panels, he did the right one. We both worked on the jungle piece around the edges.