This simple sepia portrait, has details and creativity, but it is more focused on the image you give me and also focuses more on the animal/person with a simplified background and no color, just shades. 

Something I absolutely love doing is creating a piece of art that represents your furry friend! With these digital pieces I really rely on my creative flow and usually these pieces bring themselves together. I will happily take any specific requests or ideas, but I also love the "go ahead" for my own artistic input! I take a lot of personal consideration of these and I want them to resonate with you.

I really try to tune in and capture something beautiful that is meaningful to you. When I get into the flow state with these drawings, I intuitively work, I hardly lay down a plan ahead of time, and I let whatever comes to me just happen. Sometimes I receive "messages" or little nudges to change or add something I wasn't expecting, and I just listen to them now and accept that's part of my process. This is why each piece is so individual and unique. ​

Sepia Portrait

  • Instructions

    You will receive a download after purchase. Please follow instructions for how to proceed with your custom order

  • What you will get

    An artistic creation of your animal in a PDF file format (that way you can go get it printed wherever, however, on whatever you like!)