This "Sketchy" Style is actually the way I used to make all of my sketchbooks look with pens, just sketchy scribbles everywhere. I loved the natural, loose, mildly realistic look to it. This neutral color palette and simple style can suit just about any home/office decor. 

This style would be great if you want to focus solely on the subject(s) and no background, maybe a splash of color (up to you!). This is good for a solo portrait of an animal, to capture a beautiful moment between you and your animal, or maybe to have a collage of your all of the animals in your life. 

* I will be drawing from the source image you send to me so please send either a really great 1 image you want me to work from, or give me ample images to make sure I capture the essence of the subject(s). 

If you want a certain splash of color or simple extra element (even if you want to add a quote or names) just make sure to share that with me in the email. 

You will receive the PDF file of this image as well as a postcard, but I will leave the full image print up to you. 

Sketchy Portrait 1 Subject

  • What you will receive:

    - A custom image in a PDF file format for you to download and print as you wish


    After your purchase, please EMAIL me your info/story and reference images to 

    (If I don't receive an email within 24 hours, I'll reach out to you) 

  • Completion Time

    Average completion time: up to 2 weeks

    (May be much sooner if I don't have much on my plate, but you should have it for sure in 2 weeks. Please let me know if you have a deadline sooner than that and I will do my best)