This is a next level kind of portrait. This is a soul-deep, emotional, raw, vulnerable, empowering, and spiritual portrait. This is a Whole-Self portrait. 


This isn’t about a photo reference, capturing a beautiful moment, or a particular happy feeling, as most of my other portraits are (which is also inspiring and wonderful and I love doing that too) This is about digging into the real you, the whole you. 


This is an experience and a process as much as it is a drawing. 


This is you and I sharing thoughts, emotions, and energy, then taking that interaction and putting it into a piece of art, and also into words. You will receive a drawing and also a poem just for you, to remind you of who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. It’s almost like a combination of therapy and a vision board... but I’m not a therapist nor a fortune teller. But I can help you put a visual into the universe for the things you’d like to manifest in your life, both letting go and also inviting. 


I want to draw your connection to the world around you as well as the animals in your life. This will be done by diving into the nature that calls to you, the animals that surround you and also guide you. 


I am trusting my intuition, drawing from your words, my thoughts, and the spaces between. This piece will be as unique and three dimensional as you are, full of depth, full of life. 


I invite you to go on a journey with me and my imagination and see what your whole self, your spirit, would look like on paper. 



The process:


Once you purchase the package, I will send you an email with questions, the questions are going to be ranging from deep and dark to fun and light. I’m trying to get a good sense of you through your own written word, so we’ll be touching some shadowy spaces. 


We will schedule a 30 minute discussion, where we can really connect, talk more in depth about some of the questions, and I can get a good feel for your energy. 


I will draw from what you have given me, what the creative universe offers, and what the cards and my intuition have to share. I will pour energy, healing, and inspiration into your piece and your poem. 


I cannot wait to take this immersive journey with you!

Whole-Self Portrait

  • Payment Plans

    Payment plans available, 2-4 payments, monthly 
    * I will send monthly invoices to fulfill via PAYPAL 
    ** An additional +$5 every month to cover processing fees 

  • What you will receive:

    • An intuitive, creative Whole-Self Portrait + PDF file (digital)
    • A poem written for you (scroll image)+ PDF (digital)
    • A 30 minute phone call, discussing the questions you answered in writing & more 
    • An A5 postcard with your image on front, poem on back, to keep close to you, set on an altar, keep at your desk etc (physcial)
    • An 11x14" Fine Art Print of your image (physical) 
    • Feedback and details about my process (digital)
    • A video link of the time lapse of your piece where you get to see the entire messy process (digital)
    • A full experience filled with raw emotions and potent energy (emotional, spiritual)
  • Discounts

    If you join select tiers on my Patreon you can access discounts to this Portrait and other custom pieces. 

  • Completion Time

    Average completion time (AFTER phone call) 3-8 weeks