Upcoming Events

  • Unbridle Your Creative Spirit  #1
    Mon, May 23
    Online Workshop
    [Letting go & finding flow] I believe our connection with our horses and our own creative power is deeply intertwined and the more that we learn how to release our fears around expressing ourselves, we will simultaneously release that pressure from our horses
  • Unbridle Your Creative Spirit #2
    Sun, Jun 05
    Online Workshop
    If you were a part of and enjoyed the first workshop/gathering, join me as we dive in again, you'll connect with familiar or unfamiliar faces who have all participated in the first one and grow this little community of creative horse women ;)
  • Into The Unknown [Women's Retreat]
    Wed, Aug 17
    There is power in women gathering… The possibilities are limitless so join us as we adventure into the unknown. Meet us within the alchemized energy of our unique gifts and the magic and wisdom of the land and horses. We promise this will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before.