The whole-self portrait 


“All I feel for the natural world around me, you brought to life. It's hard to imagine my soul as a painting...until I saw this.“ -Elsa


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Who are you?

The real you? 


We are living in a pivotal time period where consciousness and autonomy are increasingly rising. If you have felt called to reading this, you most likely resonate with that statement and you are on a path of finding your true self and diving into the deeper parts of yourself. You are growing, healing, and you are ready for your next step. 


What Is A Whole Self Portrait? 

This is a next level kind of portrait; a soul-deep, emotional, raw, vulnerable, empowering, and spiritual portrait. This is a Whole-Self Portrait.


This is your life story, your dreams, your fears, and the elements of the earth that guide you. This is a representation of the person you want yourself and the world to see. I want to give you a visual of what the empowered, fierce, and healed you looks like; see the magic that lives in and around you, carrying you to fantastical lands of your dreams.

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Who Is This For?

This is for anyone seeking to find themselves, heal, or simply to be inspired.  


I want to empower you to strive to your full potential, giving you a visual of the beautiful soul you are, a reminder as to the power that you hold, and the magic you can create in this world!



“These whole-self portraits should become a movement! A movement of women, standing up for themselves, opening their hearts and souls and being their real self!” - Manuela


What Can You Gain From This? 

This is a safe container where you can share your intimate feelings, with knowledge that I will not share your thoughts elsewhere, so you can openly dig into the dark corners, and expose your shadows. Because bringing your shadows into the light is a step towards healing, towards embracing your true, authentic self. 


This is you and I sharing thoughts, emotions, and energy, then taking that interaction and putting it into a piece of art, and also into words. You will receive a drawing and also a poem just for you, to remind you of who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. It’s almost like a combination of therapy and a vision board... but I’m not a therapist nor a fortune teller. But I can help you put a visual into the universe for the things you’d like to manifest in your life, both letting go and also inviting. 


“This is far and away the most beautiful, magical, and important thing anyone has ever created for me. I cannot wait to see where this journey of creation takes you, all I can say is please, please, please follow this path because I have never experienced anything like it and this kind of medicine/healing magic is what the world needs right now.” -Amanda


What’s The Process? 


Initially, you will answer some questions that range from lighthearted to deep, I want to get a good feel of who you are through your own eyes, because when we have a conversation via Zoom, i can get tuned into the energy that you bring and what I can see/feel between the lines. I also do an intuitive card reading with animal medicine cards, seeing what the universe has to offer to support your journey. 


I am trusting my intuition, drawing from your words, my thoughts, and the spaces between. This piece will be as unique and three dimensional as you are, full of depth, full of life. 


These pieces truly bring themselves to life. I sit with your energy, putting full intention to the universe to channel what it is you need to see, and then I enter the flow state and allow whatever needs to come through to land on the page. It is absolutely beautiful to see how these pieces unfold, telling your story, and creating an image of your soul.


So, Are You Ready? 

If you have gotten this far, you must be intrigued. I can promise you, if you are feeling called to going on this journey with me, you will not be disappointed. I am finally putting full trust into my gifts and that the universe will lead me to the people who need this type of inspiration or healing in their lives. 


This is what I am being called to offer right now, to help others on their journeys to self discovery. I have a deep knowing that I am meant to be a bridge from reality to the unknown, sharing the magic and the mysteries that this universe holds. 


“She truly cares about this project and what she's creating for people. To me, she's an incredible bridge to bring spirit to the human world through her art and bring healing by showing people their own inner magic. You will not regret it if you decide to have her create a piece for you and you will gain an incredible connection in your life.”  -Olivia


I’m Ready, What’s The Next Step? 


Once you purchase the package, you will receive an email from me within 24 hours with a set of questions, the questions are going to be ranging from deep and dark to fun and light. I’m trying to get a good sense of you through your own written word, so we’ll be touching some shadowy spaces. 


We will schedule a 30 minute discussion, this is where the magic really begins. This is when we can really connect, talk more in depth about some of the questions and just exchange energy. I will also share with you about the cards I have pulled. 


I will draw from what you have given me, what the creative universe offers, and what the cards and my intuition have to share. I will pour energy, healing, and inspiration into your piece and your poem.


What’s Included? 


  • An intuitive, creative Whole-Self Portrait + PDF file (digital)

  • A custom poem on an image for you + PDF (digital)

  • A 30 minute phone call, discussing the questions you answered in writing 

  • A quick, intuitive oracle card reading 

  • An A5 postcard with your image on front, poem on back, to keep close to you, set on an altar, keep at your desk etc (physcial)

  • An 11x14” Fine Art Print of your image (physical)

  • Feedback and details about my process (digital)

  • A video link of the time lapse of your piece where you get to see the entire messy process (digital)

  • A full experience filled with raw emotions and potent energy (emotional, spiritual)