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Tattoo Designs

I am NOT a tattoo artist. I have not studied the line work, the techniques, the way a piece will lay on certain body parts, wrap around, etc. I want to be clear right away that there are plenty of talented tattoo artists out there that have made this their livelihood and LOVE the process of designing for their clients. 


However, I am finally open to taking on some custom tattoo designs. Please read below what that process will look like and how you can use my designs for tattoos with my permission.

Tattoo Tickets

I have created quite a few tattoo designs that are available for purchase. There are only a handful of each design that is distributed, making it more special. These are in my shop ready to go! Please bring the design with to your tattoo artist, they will know you have the permission to use the design.


Also note that if you would like any small tweaks PLEASE ask your tattoo artist, not me, anything minor to the design can be altered by them. 

**If you find a piece on my instagram that you're drawn to for a tattoo design, please contact me for purchasing the permission. Depending on the piece I may or may not allow it to be recreated in tattoo form. (Some pieces I share are custom designs for other people and I don't want them to go on other people's bodies.) 

The reason I ask for a purchased permission is because these are my designs, created from my heart, and this is not just my hobby anymore, this is my career. I am honored that people want my art permanently on their bodies, but I would like to be a part of that process. 

Custom Tattoo Designs

I am finally taking on select custom tattoo designs, but I am very specific on the type of design I am willing to create, so please read through everything before contacting me about your design. 


  • Please do not ask me to create a custom tattoo if it's something small and within a style that easily designed by a tattoo artist

  • Within the themes of nature, horses, animals, humans (no realistic portraits)

  • It will be line work and very minimal shading 

  • No color 

  • Meant for smaller or flat areas of the body

  • I will not design for a wrap around or sleeve, if that's what you are looking for, I can create a large design, you can work with your tattoo artist to make it fit the placement you're looking for, but I cannot guarantee it will look the exact same as my design if it needs to be altered. Please be aware of this.  

The Process: 

1. Submit the form below with your idea, I'll review your concept and get back to you if I feel I'm a good fit for this project 

2. After I accept, I will request any reference images or inspiration (from my own gallery or elsewhere)

3. I will sketch up a draft idea and share with you via email 

4. Once approved, I will clean up the line work and share your final file with you! 
5. Take this to your tattoo artist, you've gone through the process of the design, now
PLEASE do your research on the tattoo artist you're going to have put this on your body. Check out their portfolio, the quality of their line work, their reputation. 

Custom Designs start at $75 USD and vary by design/detail/subjects etc

* You will also receive a high quality file of this image that you can print for yourself to hang on your wall! :) 

What's Your Idea?

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