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Tattoos are beautiful expressions that are engrained on your body forever... that being said, it seems pretty important that you get something you really want, and if you like my designs enough to put one on your body for forever, I'm flattered! 

However, when you walk into that tattoo parlor with your idea in hand, my hope is that the artist questions if you have the rights to that design, because someone out there put their heart into it!

Whether you like one of the designs I have already made, or you have an idea that you would like created, we have some options! 

Similar to business work, tattoos are very serious things that I want to be very upfront with. If I don't think that I can genuinely produce the concept that you are looking for, I may decline to save us both hassle! 


Tattoo Permission: $10 

If you are scrolling through my gallery page or my Instagram and you find an image that sparks your interest, send me a message with the image you want to use and I will email you the permission slip stating you have the right to use this image for your tattoo. 

Custom Design: $50-80
(Depending on complexity, this will be determined when you contact me)  

Custom work is different than my digital illustrations because it has to be able to be congruent with your ideas, you must like it enough to put it on your body, as well as work on your body (without being a tattoo artist I don't have the perfect proportions but I will definitely take it into consideration). 

-2 digital sketch concepts + 2 reworks 

-$10 for every rework after that 

The process will look something like this:


You send me your ideas, references are great, what body part you want it on, color or not, and I will draw up 2 different concept sketches.

You will then pick which you prefer and then we can rework any changes you'd like (this is the first rework), I will solidify lines, add color if necessary, and if there are still changes that is the second rework. 
After that, changes made will be and additional $10. 


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