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The Whole-Self Portrait 


“All I feel for the natural world around me, you brought to life. It's hard to imagine my soul as a painting...until I saw this.“ -Elsa



Who are you?

The real you? 


We are living in a pivotal time period where consciousness and autonomy are increasingly rising. If you have felt called to reading this, you most likely resonate with that statement and you are on a path of finding your true self and diving into the deeper parts of yourself. You are growing, healing, and stepping into the fullest version of yourself. 


What Is A Whole Self Portrait? 

This is a next level kind of portrait; a soul-deep, emotional, raw, vulnerable, empowering, and spiritual portrait. This is a Whole-Self Portrait.


This is your life story, your dreams, your fears, and the elements of the earth that guide you. This is a representation of the person you want yourself and the world to see. I want to give you a visual of what the empowered, fierce, and healed you looks like; see the magic that lives in and around you, carrying you to fantastical lands of your dreams.

Jamie_ 2.jpg

Who Is This For?

This is for anyone seeking to find themselves, heal, or simply to be inspired.


I want to empower you to strive to your full potential, giving you a visual of the beautiful soul you are, a reminder as to the power that you hold, and the magic you can create in this world!

Is this selfish/self-centered/egotisical? 
If you believe that putting energy into bettering yourself is selfish...then sure, but this is not a portrait of vanity, this is digging deep and sharing your light in a visual way!



“These whole-self portraits should become a movement! A movement of women, standing up for themselves, opening their hearts and souls and being their real self!” - Manuela


What Can You Gain From This? 

This is a safe container where you can share your intimate feelings, with knowledge that I will not share your thoughts elsewhere, so you can openly dig into the dark corners, and expose your shadows. Because bringing your shadows into the light is a step towards healing, towards embracing your true, authentic self. 


This is you and I sharing thoughts, emotions, and energy, then taking that interaction and putting it into a piece of art, and also into words. You will receive a drawing and also a poem just for you, to remind you of who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. It’s almost like a combination of therapy and a vision board... but I’m not a therapist nor a fortune teller.

Let me help you put a visual into the universe for the things you’d like to manifest in your life, both letting go and also inviting. 

You will gain a sense of empowerment and inspiration in creative way!


“This is far and away the most beautiful, magical, and important thing anyone has ever created for me. I cannot wait to see where this journey of creation takes you, all I can say is please, please, please follow this path because I have never experienced anything like it and this kind of medicine/healing magic is what the world needs right now.” -Amanda


What’s The Process? 


Initially, you will answer some questions that range from lighthearted to deep, I want to get a good feel of who you are through your own eyes, because when we have a conversation via Zoom, I tune into the energy that you bring and what I can see/feel between the lines.


These questions are as much for you as they are for me. We rarely ask ourselves these deeper level questions and really ponder them with full attention. I'm asking you to do a self-reflective journal session essentially that I will use to fuel the fires of my creativity when it comes to your portrait. 

I also do an intuitive card reading with animal medicine cards, seeing what the universe has to offer to support your journey. 


Trusting my intuition, drawing from your words, my thoughts, and the spaces between, this piece will be as unique and dimensional as you are, full of depth, full of life. 


These pieces truly bring themselves to life. I sit with your energy, putting full intention to the universe to channel what it is you need to see, and then I enter the flow state and allow whatever needs to come through to land on the page. It is absolutely beautiful to see how these pieces unfold, telling your story, and creating an image of your soul.

Once everything is down on the page, I will send you a booklet that encompasses this journey so that you can reflect and continue to receive inspiration.


So, Are You Ready? 

If you have gotten this far, you must be intrigued. I can promise you, if you are feeling called to going on this journey with me, you will not be disappointed. I am finally putting full trust into my gifts and that the universe will lead me to the people who need this type of inspiration or healing in their lives. 


This is what I am being called to offer right now, to help others on their journeys to self-discovery. I have a deep knowing that I am meant to be a bridge from reality to the unknown, sharing the magic and the mysteries that this universe holds. 



“She truly cares about this project and what she's creating for people. To me, she's an incredible bridge to bring spirit to the human world through her art and bring healing by showing people their own inner magic. You will not regret it if you decide to have her create a piece for you and you will gain an incredible connection in your life.”  -Olivia


I’m Ready, What’s The Next Step? 


Once you purchase the package, you will receive an email from me within 24 hours with a set of questions, the questions are going to be ranging from deep and dark to fun and light. I’m trying to get a good sense of you through your own written word, so we’ll be going through a variety of topics.


We will schedule a 45 minute discussion, this is where the magic really begins. This is when we can really connect, talk more in depth about some of the questions and just exchange energy. I will also share with you about the cards I have pulled. 


Drawing from what you have given me, what the creative universe offers, and what the cards and my intuition have to share. I will pour energy, healing, and inspiration into your piece and your poem.


What’s Included? 


  • An intuitive, creative Whole-Self Portrait + PDF file (digital)

  • A custom poem on an image for you + PDF (digital)

  • A 45 minute phone call, discussing the questions you answered in writing 

  • An intuitive oracle card pull 

  • An A5 postcard with your image on front, poem on back, to keep close to you, set on an altar, keep at your desk etc (physcial)

  • An 11x14” Fine Art Print of your image (physical)

  • A coloring page of your image (digital)

  • Feedback and details about my process (digital)

  • A "Whole-Self Portrait Journey" Booklet that includes the digital files, journal/reflecting prompts, coloring pages, the oracle card spreads, and inspirational images you can print 

  • A video link of the time lapse of your piece where you get to see the entire messy process (digital)

  • A full experience filled with raw emotions and potent energy (emotional, spiritual)

    Payment Plans available ( check out shop )

What Have Others Experienced? 


"Wow! I teared up when I saw the drawing and after reading everything. You are insanely gifted and your medicine is so special. I have never experienced anything quite like this. You are so very unique and intuitively accurate. You even picked up on and portrayed things we didn’t even speak about. You have a way of really “seeing” the person you’re reading. It’s beautiful and I love it so much! This will be something I keep in my altar room and will cherish deeply! I feel like this is something that will truly help me on my path and give me the light I need to keep going! Thank you so very much! So much admiration for you and your medicine!"


- Christal


"I absolutely LOVE all of it!!!


I had no doubt in my heart from seeing your other pieces and speaking with you, that you would be able to capture the essence of who I am in its entirety. And that you have, and in a way that causes me to feel both in-love with myself and this life journey. I feel inspired to keep flowing forward. Especially, with the support of my lovely horse herd and the natural world. I do love the phrase that you chose. It feels empowering! As well as, the moon phases. I have been growing increasingly interested in lunar cycles, and how the support the journey that I am on. The moon has such powerful energy.


It has been a pleasure working on this project with you, and an honor to have had you create this beautiful piece and poem for me. Both which touch my soul and bring joy to my heart. I will treasure it always!"






"Thank you so much for this incredible piece of me. You created my perfect safe space, there is such peace and quietness in it and still it does not feel at all like closing the eyes before the storm outside. This absolutely feels like a place I can come back to find myself when I feel torn or exhausted.


To be honest it wasn't easy for me to just trust the process because every time I saw another whole-self portrait of someone else I always was impressed and then the little critic voice inside me would come up going like 'but what if you don't resonate with your own whole-self portrait?' and I practiced to acknowledge that this fear was there but also tried to not let it take over control. And now it is proven wrong anyway.

Looking at it just feels like arriving somewhere home, I think that might be the best description I can give.  I love every little detail in it, everything means something.


This is so much more than a piece of art.  And also the whole process was pretty deep and moving. All of this really means a lot to me and I am more than glad that I made the decision to 'gift' myself this whole process.

Thank you so much!"


"Wow, I feel so absolutely honored to have a portrait. The extra writings you did- I was blown away about! I only expected your poem, not your second writing! 

Honestly, my absolute first initial reaction- and only for a split second I promise- was disappointment. But as I watched the time lapse/whole process video and fell in love with the portrait- I realized my disappointment wasn’t with the portrait itself - but my initial reflection was in the disappointment in myself and how I feel I should be viewed by others. 

...........So in my initial disappointment - I realized it was because I felt I *should* be standing in the portrait, taking up space, being bold like all the other ladies. As I’ve always been told to be someone else. 

But as I watched the time lapse I realized that’s what caused the disappointment initially -you in this portrait actually captured me. There, sitting absolutely grounded with tree trunks (ironically where I go to meditate) and crystals surrounding me. My quiet present gentle self. One that I’m trying to be more comfortable with, as my whole life I’ve been told otherwise. 


What an honor to have this ability to live in a world where I could somehow even find and have this amazing portrait done for me. 


Thank you Nica, and thank you universe for this timing 


This portrait is amazing and gosh you are your own mystic Nica. For this portrait has given me all the comfort I needed for this journey - for maybe it’s simply within myself. Gosh I feel silly saying that but it’s early here still and I believe it.


Thank you Nica from the bottom of my heart. I am so happy I found you at the exact timing I needed it.


We are all connected. I am going to do my part to help with my gentle strength in this world. "





"All I can say is wow! I'm seriously speechless & totally made me tear up. 


Crazy thing is my first feeling was wow so beautiful! So powerful & magical. Then I felt myself instantly start to doubt it. Like oh that can't be me. I'm not that bold. & that is something I've been working so hard on is acknowledging & excepting I am that wonderful. I am that strong. I do deserve to own the true me. & not be afraid to show it. I am strong now & need to stop putting myself in this little box that I was forced in so long ago. Thank you for helping me see this more clearly. I'm going to look at this everyday & know where I can from & to work on owning how strong, powerful, & beautiful I am. That is ok to be me no matter what others think. Thank you so much!"



I"t's 8am and I am crying! what a beautiful process, poem and portrait. I love it all so much. I especially love watching the process unfold. so very cool to go on this journey through your creative mind. Thank you thank you!

I'm not sure I've ever done something this meaningful for myself ever. This is so personal and you have so much rich talent. I can't wait to have the print and it's energy in my space! What a wonderful way to start the new year. Our explanation of this portrait is so comforting to me as I continue to transition into the unknown and grieve a bit about my horse friends.
Thank you so very much!!"







"To say I was blown away by your portrait and written words hardly seems like enough.


When I initially looked at the portrait there was so much to see.  I had to sit and stare at it trying to decifer what I could see. gave me are right I and only I hold the power to let in whomever I want and I can use that same power to keep the door locked ❤

 I feel like you gave me a picture of me proving I am in fact completely protected.  So I don't need to be so afraid anymore.  I am safe and yes I am strong.


Thank you Nica for seeing the other side of me and allowing me to see her as well.  When I feel my warrior running me I can look at this portrait and breathe, and allow my warrior to rest. She is so tired all the time and it is my responsibility to tell her I love her and that it is ok for her to rest...I am super emotional again.


Thank you so much for your gift Nica. You have a great life ahead of you allowing others like me to see."






"I am not sure what to say. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough. Your work has left me speechless but my heart pounds with joy at the beauty of this image. There have been so many emotions that have bubbled up with each viewing.


What you created for me is beyond my expectations. Every time I look at this image I uncover another magical detail. It feels as though you connected to the longings of my soul and saw into my dreams with this image. You captured the goddess and the horses from my breath work vision so perfectly. How is that possible?


I am in awe and in heartfelt gratitude for this gift.



-    Desirée



"The experience of the Whole Self portrait with Nica is quite simply magical. When I contacted her, I was feeling stuck and looking for... something. I was hoping to see what I needed in the finished portrait somehow. Somewhere along the line I learned how to see myself in a way I hadn't before and felt things start to move. I cherish my portrait and Nica's words that came with it. And most of all, I'm so grateful for the connection with Nica. Her insight, warmth, and encouragement are incomparable."


"I have tears pouring down my face. I just read what you wrote. Thank you my dear. Thank you for hearing me and seeing me. I’m profoundly touched. I was waiting to take it all in as I knew it would be profound. 


Your story you captured/poem/drawing is incredibly healing. It helps me feel courage in opening my heart. 


Thank you thank you thank you. 


You are a wise soul. Incredible seerer. Thank you for the reflection of what I bring to others too. It truly means so much. 


I’m so glad I did this with you!"



I can't believe what you've created ... My heart is burning like I'm on fire when I look at it.

This is exactly how I was as a child - and how I'm longing and working on myself to be again. Connected to nature, the animals, the sparkling miracles around me. Grounded and peaceful, but at the same time being in flames, emerging from the ashes, from where I've been hiding, spreading my wings to show myself to the rest of the world. Ready to join the magic unicorn in the sky, ready for adventures, ready to conquer the world. 


There are so many details - it's stunning ...I really can't stop crying, seriously ... How can someone who doesn't know me, capture my soul in such a beautiful art piece?! How is that possible?! Looking at myself there at the bottom of the tree, fills my heart with calmness, peace and so much love - it's hard to bear. Feels like it's gonna flow over ...


So, now I read your poem and your letter to me ... I had just managed to stop crying, but now tears are running again! I'm running out of words to say ...

Thank you, you wonderful, gifted, not-from-this-world woman!!!!! THANK YOU!

You are so right in what you're saying, your words are so encouraging! And I'm more than ready to let the wild woman break free!!! 

These whole-self portraits should become a movement! A movement of women, standing up for themselves, opening their hearts and souls and being their real self!”


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